Chris Barron

Statewide UAS Coalition Survey


Public Safety is working to better understand how to utilize small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) to enhance scene safety and improve emergency response through the emergence of accessible advance technology. As a result of their affordable price point, the sUAS is now capable of monitoring our personnel safety and providing the Incident Commander real-time actionable information from above. The number of sUAS public safety users are growing at a staggering rate; however, little has been done to help prepare, train or guide them in the development of best practices and operational deployment.

In order to help bridge these gaps, a growing number of emergency response organizations are coming together to develop a Public Safety UAS Coalition made up of Public Safety Unmanned Response Team’s (PSURT’s). The goal of this coalition assists with the development of Statewide UAS standards, training, and certification for public safety UAS pilots. Please consider filling out this brief survey to better identify organizations within the State working to develop a UAS Program:

Statewide Map - UAS Resource List

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